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LandPirates: Home-Grown Stunt Drivers

What do you get when some bored wanna-be-pirate Canadians get their hands on a bunch of cars destined for the wrecker? You get this video showing the skilled moves of some crazy home-grown stunt drivers!

While the first 20 seconds of the video start out a little slow, showing driving footage that, to be honest, is a bit pedestrian the end of the video really does give a nice pay-off. The people who did the editing on this video deserve much credit, but could have improved the video by being more ruthless with the first few clips.

That being said, when the video ended I did let out a chuckle. How can a person not chuckle at watching the amateur stunt driving of a few bored Canadians?

The group call themselves "LandPirates" perhaps so named because they smuggle these prize vehicles away from their ultimate fate, a meeting with the wrecker.

Even though these stund drivers are home-grown, there are some pretty impressive driving stunts. They even do some stunts with nice looking (apparently) fully functional vehicles.

While the traditional disclaimer lead-in "these stunts are performed by trained professionals" may not apply in this particular case, I still suggest that you "do attempt to duplicate or in any way imitate these stunts, as they are extremely dangerous!" Even for a pirate!

by Cameron Hatch
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