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Hollow Point Bullet vs. Round Point Bullet

This video shows a couple of gallon jug of water being used as a target for both the round point bullet and the hollow point bullet shot from the same handgun for side-by-side comparison.

Law enforcement use hollow point bullets in their weapons because of their force in stopping a criminal in his tracks when deadly force become necessary. The hollow point bullets begin to spread out upon impact and result in a larger wound area. This causes more damage to the inner organs and increases the chance of stricking a bone, nerve or blood vessel.

The hollow point bullet has a full metal jacket and a shape that allow it the peirce the target. These types of bullets leave a clean entry wound and a comparatively small exit wound. This type of bullet is the standard type of ammunition. It is good for many uses including target and sport shooting. The demonstration in this video was done with hand guns. Hunting in generally done using a rifle. The type of ammunition is also more specialized with hunting ammo featuring a longer bullet with a point tip. This allows for accuracy over greater distances that round points or hollow points. This is important in hunting where the intended target can be several hundred yards away.

by Cameron Hatch
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