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Goldfish back from the Dead

This experiment is at least a little bit brutal. Who would think to stick a goldfish in a bowl full of Mountain Dew? Also how did they know that a 9 volt battery would bring this little guy back to life?

This video is not for the weak and the weary. It involves watching a fish flail and then be drenched with Mountain Dew, perhaps giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "Do the Dew."

The Mountain Dew is drained off and the water restored to the fishbowl. The fish is then given a shock using a 9 volt battery that presumably starts the fishes heart again.

This little disturbing experiment raises a few questions. I will set aside the questions about the mindset of the makers of this video (it was not me)! There are several interesting questions about the physiology of the fish.

First off, what causes the fish's heart to stop? Is it the mountain dew with all the sugar and caffeine that sends the goldfish into cardiac arrest? Or is the fish drown (or suffocated depending on exact definitions) by the oxygen poor soda pop?

The second question relates to the re-starting of the fish's heart. Apparently is works in much the same way as a difibulator works on a human whose heart has stopped beating. How did the makers of this video know that the amount of electricity would be sufficient? Was this video created by mad scientists who are looking to bring back goldfish from the dead in order create some kind of strange Frankenfish?

by Cameron Hatch
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