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Camel Chugs a Coke

Some turkey in Turkey has trained their camel how drink Coke from a bottle. In this video the camel not only drinks the Coke, but chugs it in about 5 seconds or so!

Drinking from a bottle is obviously not natural behavior for a Dromedary Camel. It is possible that the owner of this one-hump camel raised it from a baby on a bottle, which would make it an easy transition to chugging Coke bottles. I have seen young two-hump baby camels raised on a bottle, and it is not a stretch to imagine them transfering the skills over like this.

The other question is how does Coke effect the overall diet of a camel? The caffeine in the drink would have a negative net effect of the hydration level of the camel. But given the large size of a Dromedary camel, it is hard to imagine that one little Coke would have any meaningful impact on the health of the animal. Perhaps overtime if the camel became a regular Coke drinker the hump might start to shrink.

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by Cameron Hatch
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