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Boy Llama's Blog

This is a photograph of a Dromedary camel native to the deserts of Africa and the Middle East, but also commonly found in North America and Australia. Boy Llama’s blog covers a wide range of topics, basically whatever the Llama feels like writing about that day. And anyone who has ever worked with a llama before can tell you just how temperamental these animals can be.

Another fact about llamas, is that they are members of the Camelidae family. These camelids have similarly shaped feet and they can also be used as pack animals. (Camels are used as pack animals in the Sahara desert and Middle East, as well as the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Llamas, and their close relative the alpaca are used as pack animals in the Andes Mountains.) Did you know that like camels, llamas can also spit? So, I guess you better keep your distance from this weight-bearing, temperamental spitter.

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