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What will it Blend Next?

Promotional video pushing the Blendtec industrial strength blender, apparently used by Jamba Juice and Inta Juice only to name a couple crazy smoothie making companies. Check out the other uses found for this and the sub-culture that has arisen out of this.

Will It Blend? - Coke + Chicken = Cochicken

Guys makes a smoothie in this industrial blender. Recipe calls for can of coke and half of a rotisserie chicken. At the end some schmuck actually drinks this thing!

Will It Blend? SPOOF

Will He Blend?

Tom Dickson's question "Will it Blend" gets turned on its head with the question asked about Tom Dickson, "Will he blend." Short animated parody.

Will It Blend? - Golf Balls

In case you ever need to turn golf balls into a pile of totally useless powder, you should buy this Blendtec blender. I think this is a really strong selling point!

Sports Action Team with Randy Moss

Randy Moss gets in on all this crazy Blendtec Smoothie making madness. Now he is pushing something called inta juice. Sounds delicious... NOT!

Will It Blend? - Bottled Beverage

When Tom Dickson releases his first Blendtech recipe book, I hope this one is right at the front. On a hot summers day nothing quenches your thirts like a cold beer with razor sharp chards of glass floating around in it. This is a smoothie only Chuck Norris could drink!

by Cameron Hatch
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