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The Proliferation of Walmart
Walmart is a huge discount retailer. This shows how their discount shopping model has come to dominate the big box retail landscape of America. American consumers benefit, but at what cost to workers?

This video documents the spread of Walmart across the American landscape. The rapid proliferation of this retail outlet is both amazing and shocking. On the one hand it is very impressive that this company has had such success with the discount retail model. On the other hand it is easy to understand the concerns of small independant local retailers who are forced to compete with such a global corporate beast.

Whatever your personal and political feelings of Walmart, there is no question that this chain is making money. How the retail giant shares its profits are a matter for debate to some. But the hordes of customers seem to keep coming back again and again for the low sticker prices on consumer goods and other products. Draw your own conclusions from this interesting video.

by Cameron Hatch
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