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Multimedia Content, Audio, Video, Photography

The multimedia section has expanded. Initially the plan was to feature only original content. However, we have expanded to include featured video content from other creators. For now we are sticking with all original photographs, etc. Hope you enjoy these awesome creations, complete with inane commentary!

Vintage Sloppy Joe Ad October 24, 2008
Horse Racing Accident 1980 September 30, 2008
Jet Pack vs. Car September 18, 2008
Usain Bolt's Early Celebration at the Olympics August 23, 2008
Top 11 Anti-Drug PSA's August 16, 2008
Roller Skating Film Footage 1909 July 17, 2008
Chemical Party: A Fun Chemistry Lesson June 19, 2008
Camel Chugs a Coke May 24, 2008
Squeak the Squirrel April 28, 2008
Experiments in the Revival of Organisms April 2, 2008
Pre-X-Games Extreme Sports December 21, 2007
Hollow Point Vs. Round Point Bullets December 7, 2007
Spirit of '43: Donald Duck WWII Propaganda November 13, 2007
Management Consultants Jargon Translated October 4, 2007
Demolition Derby Soccer September 12, 2007
Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007 Q & A August 30, 2007
LandPirates: Home-Grown Stunt Drivers July 20, 2007
Goldfish Back from the Dead July 10, 2007
Skateboarding in an Art Museum: Music by Jason Schwartzman June 12, 2007
Operation Kitten Calendar: Complete Season 1 May 8, 2007
Nuclear Weapons Transparency February 26, 2007
Why do NBA Fights Get More Press that Other Sports? December 20, 2006
Apaocalypto: More Anti-Semitism from Mel Gibson? December 16, 2006
What will it Blend Next? December 12, 2006
Seinfeld, the Lost Episode (The Kramer Incident) November 30, 2006
Lucky Strike Stop Motion Cigarette Ad November 11, 2006
Hydrogen Powered Car by GM November 9, 2006
The Dangers of Camel Racing October 20, 2006
The Proliferation of Walmart September 22, 2006
"Consider the Lobster": Can Tourism Damage the Soul of a Place? August 21, 2006
Halloween in July July 25, 2006
The Real Bronx Bombers March 14, 2006
Women's Olympic Snowboard Finals February 18, 2006
Frosty Farm Tools on a Winter Morn
Chickens on the Farm in Winter
The Gates -- New York City Central Park -- by Cristo

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