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Hydrogen Powered Car by GM
You can skip video to about 55 sec, if desired. This footage is from some BBC tv show about cars called "Top Gear."

The Hydrogen car is a great idea, but just as this video clip points out, this car is not an economical solution yet, therefore not a short-term alternative to fossil feuls.

That being said, I think the failure of a ridiculous tax on oil companies in CA, is good thing. That ballot measure could have made gas prices very high and driven oil producers out of California.

At the same time, however, I applaud the pledge by Democrats to end the huge subsidies to large oil producers. If there is anything that recent record profits by oil producers have shown us it is that oil companies do not need government support.

All of that said, it is clear that our economy now needs to develop plans to make possible a shift away from oil dependance, whether it is produced domestically or abroad.

This hydrogen car by GM show a lot of promise. Let's just hope that the hydrogen power cell in this car is stable and not too volatile in the event of an accident.

by Cameron Hatch
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