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The Dangers of Camel Racing
Riding a camel can be fun and safe. This racing footage shows one of those times when riding on a camel leaves the realm of safety. This one-hump camel bucks like a champ and the rider goes flying.

The dromedary or one-hump camel has a whole different personality than the two-hump camel, or bactrian camel. Learn The Difference Between One-Hump and Two-Hump Camels

Camels are a great animal. They are known for their toughness and ability to be heavy pack animals. Camels are most famous for their ability to function with little or no water over long periods of time.

Some people think that camels have water in their humps, but that is not true. The humps of a camel are made of gristle and fat.

by Cameron Hatch
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