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"Consider the Lobster"
Can Tourism Damage the Soul of a Place?

The premise of this video is that certain places, by mere virtue of being visited as a tourist lose some of what makes them special. In certain cases I agree, especially in cases dealing with visitng natural and unspoiled places. Take Yellowstone Park for example. Yellowstone maintains much of its 'natural wonder.' But with the development of the institution of the National Park system, the 'wildness' has been tamed and some of the original spirit lost.

Still, in certain other cases I do not agree with this point of view. There are certain places that lose their meaning without hoards of tourists. Some of these places include Disney Land, the Las Vegas Strip, only to name a couple of the Modern ones. Even some ancient examples come to mind, like the huge temples built by the Incas and Aztecs, or more recently the square at Saint Peter's in Rome. These structures were also built with the intent of being experienced by people, by pilgrims, who are in essence also tourists.

by Cameron Hatch
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