The Hatch Report is dedicated to commenting on interesting topics and providing useful informational articles to its readers. Check out the collection of interesting videos and read commentary about these videos.

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Interesting Videos

The Hatch Report has compiled this collection of interesting videos. Many of these videos clips can only be viewed in the video widget on this page. It allows for easy viewing of multiple videos in one central location. Also, for in depth and interesting commentary about specific videos you can click on one of the links from the list below. These pages give a more in depth analysis of the selected video clip or collection of video clips.

Featured Videos        

In addition to these video our home page features Current Events Videos. Also, if you are looking to read we suggest you visit our Interesting Commentary Articles section.

Many of these videos were chosen because they relate to topics of general interest. Some of the topics covered by the videos in the widget and the featured list include consumer issues, business, society, entertainment, and extreme sports. Some videos are old commercials which reveal much about the norms of the culture of the past. Practically all of these videos are interesting for what they reveal about mass media in this country. A few show interesting insights into other cultures or subcultures. A nubmer of these videos take a satirical look at the topics above, shedding light on these issues in an interesting, funny, and often ironic way.

Interesting article commenting on the paradoxes of modern marketing.  Hopefully the comments will be of interest to those reading this article.
Boy Llama writes interesting content and articles to compelement the articles on the Hatch Report.
Camels, also known as ships of the desert can go with-out water for a long time.  They are also raced in the Middle East by robot jockeys.

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