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How to Get the Right Height in an Office Chair

Answer All Your Questions About Office Chairs Here! If you are ordering a chair online, unless it is a chair model you have seen in person, then you need to pay close attention to the detailed measurements of a chair. But, how do you know what kinds of measurements you need for yourself?

First off, many office chairs have adjustable parts, like seat height, arm wrest height, width, position. So you just need to have a general idea as to what range to shoot for on you chair selection. As long as you fall somewhere in the middle of the chairs adjustment range, then you will be fine.

To get your measurements right, start with a measuring tape. Measure the distance from the back of your knee to the back of your heel. (It should not matter whether you do this barefoot or not, since you are only shooting for a range, not an exact measurement.) Make sure to do this standing up, because if you do this sitting down your measurement will be influenced by the chair.

This will give you an idea of what kind of range you will need. If you prefer to have your feet dangle, then you will want a chair where the middle of its seat height is taller than the measurement you took. If you prefer to sit low in your chair then you will want a chair where the middle of its seat height is shorter than your measurement.

Here is an example of an online store that gives detailed measurements and measurement diagrams on all their of office chairs.

by Cameron Hatch
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