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A Strange Salute


Walking up South Washington Street around lunch time as I was crossing the street I saw a man sitting on a five gallon plastic bucket about half way up the next block on sidewalk in front of a dive bar. He was wearing cut-off painter pants and no shirt. From the looks of his tan this wasn't his first time to sit idle under the summer sun. He was slouching a bit, with his head low and his shoulder slumped forward.

As I got closer, he suddenly sat upright as if rising to attention, attentive in his posture and his gaze. Once upright he commenced to solute towards the 4 lanes of one-way traffic coming down Washington. I wondered where he was directing this solute so I looked into the street to try and figure it out. There among all the passenger cars was a large Budweiser delivery truck. As it passed the man rose to his feet and once it went by he broke the salute. "All hail the king (of beers)."

August, 2009 Spokane, WA

by Cameron Hatch
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