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Ray Nagin, Hillary Clinton, Pirates and SNL

      SNL: Saturday Night Live is back, baby! The episode that aired Saturday Jan 25, 2006 was awesome. I know what you are thinking. “What is this doing guy writing about Saturday’s episode when it is already Wednesday?” Well, first off, I did not watch the episode on Saturday Night. I TiVoed it and watched it the next day. Second off, I live on the West Coast, so that buys me another 3 hours, and justifies the fact that I recorded it, since the show broadcast to my time zone was previously recorded from a live performance anyway. Third, I’ve been busy, ok!

The program kicked off with an awesome spoof of the comments by Mayor Ray Nagin about New Orleans being rebuilt as a “Chocolate City” (which by the way I support. Click to read the article where I misspelled his name as Ray NAGAN). It is about time someone really point out just out ridiculous those comments were, and Nagin’s comments about God punishing New Orleans for the war in Iraq. That thought is about as inappropriate and nonsensical as Hillary Clinton’s comments about Congress being run like a plantation. (No doubt the late Martin Luther King Jr. would be so glad to know that such things were uttered on his day.) To top it all off they even brought in a spoof of the Reverend Jesse Jackson equating different races to different types of dessert. Brilliant!

New Orleans as a Chocolate City.

Another huge bonus on the program was the inclusion of a skit about pirate culture. It is high time that someone put pirates on the air, and I am not just saying that because I am such a huge fan of pirates. Pirates are pure comic gold. “Gold, I tell you! Gold,” said the old prospector in agreement!

All in all it was quite gratifying to see. And what can we chalk all this good stuff up to? Well, I chalk it up to the arrival of the new guy Andy Samberg. He was in the Chronic(what)cles of Narnia video and was in the pirate skit. Great talent that kid has!

The weakest part of the show (besides the musical guests) remains the weekend update. Amy Poehler, you are awesome in so many skits (like “My Wife Won’t Get Out of the Stove”), but you just don’t pull it off. Plus it is very flat to have two female commentators (I miss you Jimmy Fallon).

by Cameron Hatch
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