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Watching Shawn Alexander in the Super Bole?

Sean or Shawn as he is sometimes called is posing looking good out of his Seattle uniform.  His Seahawks face off against the Pittsburg stealers for the title in the Super Bole, or Super Bowl in Detroit Michigan.  Super Bowl XL is going to be something to behold. Let's not forget about the Stanford Tree School Mascot. Everyone knows that the 2006 Super Bowl, or SuperBowl XL as it is also known is going to be held in Detroit, MI. The game features the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks. The game has all the ingredients for magic. Here are some features: the league’s top rushing player (Shawn Alexander), the youngest Quarterback to start a SuperBowl since Dan Marino (Ben Rothlisberger), and the close of the career one of the games great running backs (Jerome Bettis). It should be awesome given Bettis’ emotional situation, playing what will probably be his last game in his hometown. Also, you have to root for the Seahawks who are playing in the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history.

It should be fun to watch, but is it just a bunch of hype? Maybe it is, but the real reason for writing this piece is the desire to translate some of the hype into traffic for this website. That is why the title is Super Bole! (I have also intentionally misspelled Shawn Alexander.) Hopefully this will top the search results for these misspellings and I can get some free visitors. Who knows? But read on for some funny scenarios.

What is a bole you wonder? Well on we see that a bole can be a trunk of a tree. Think about watching a super bole. It could be some fancy tree trunk with magically powers that is uses to save people’s lives. Think of the Stanford mascot with super human powers. (Legend has it that the mascot had no arms for a time, until unruly rival fans began to attack the defenseless tree/man in the costume. Then they made armholes to allow the mascot to have a fighting chance. Continuing the tangent, I once saw the Stanford tree fight off a would-be attacker at a WSU football game.)

The other definition for bole is "reddish-brown pigment clay." I have no idea how this is super, so I will skip to the last definition I found which is “a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa” also known as Bolanci. This could be a cool thought. A “Super Bole” could be some hyped up language that can communicate all the mysteries of the universe for the comprehension of a chosen few. This is pretty cool, only you would not really watch it, you would listen to it. So I guess that is out. So maybe just forget the foolishness I have written and watch the Super Bowl on Sunday!

The last thing I am going to do is again misspell Sean Alexander’s name, but you notice this time I wrote “Sean” instead of “Shawn” even though we both know Mr. Alexander’s first name is spelled “Shaun.” I also need to call this “Bole” or Bowl of Super-ness the Sooper Bowl. When you search Google for Sooper Bowl it pulls up less than 1,000 results. This is probably because “sooper” is not really a word, in contrast to “bole.” There are probably not too many people who will misspell “super” as “sooper” but you never know.

Here’s to an increased amount of traffic to my website (hopefully). You think this theory is bunk? Hey, it worked for me when I misspelled Ray Nagin’s name as Ray Nagan. That time it was not on purpose, but it did get me a few hundred extra visitors. So why not try it again, right?

by Cameron Hatch
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