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The Pottery Barn Is Full of Crap

Pottery and a Barn I wish that I could say that I meant this in the sense that an actual barn existed and animals gave it use to such a degree that it became filled with poop.

Let me tell you what I mean. Over the weekend my wife was flipping through a Pottery Barn catalog. The products seemed nice enough. Wreaths, holiday and seasonal decorations and other home wares (that seem like such a waste of money to most men) could be seen on almost every page. After browsing the pages of the catalog my wife pointed out that there was a shocking lack of pottery in the catalog.

That brings me to my point. When I say “full of crap” I mean to call into question the credibility of the Pottery Barn. The name of the store is very misleading. As my wife noticed, where is the pottery? And as I soon inquired myself, where is the barn? I am beginning to doubt that there ever was a barn involved in any aspect of the company. Now, perhaps somewhere in the story of the founding of the company some actual pottery was sold out of a real barn, but do you think I am actually going to waste my own personal time to look up the history of a company whose product does not hold my interest in the least? Of course not! If you want you can research it yourself. I am going to stick with my half-cocked accusations.

The final possible interpretation of “full of crap” could mean that the store is loaded with low quality merchandise. As for this interpretation, I cannot comment, as I have never set foot in their store, nor do I have any inkling to do so.

by Cameron Hatch
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