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The Internet Is Expanding

The internet is an amazing entity. It is constantly expanding, constantly updating and changing. New content is being posted all the time. People are recording thoughts and ideas; new products are being described, marketed, and sold. It seems like a place with limitless growth potential.

All that is fine and dandy, but is human knowledge expanding? The answer is yes. Of course, some of that information may be more beneficial to improving the human quality of life than other information. For example information about how to prevent disease improves human life in a much more direct way than the latest celebrity gossip does. But in both cases, the information satisfies someone’s human curiosity and in that respect at least in some way improves quality of life. The best part of the internet is the speed of dissemination and the ease of access and information retrieval. Those improvements over past methods of distributing and retrieving information are perhaps the biggest benefits of the internet.

How does this philosophical talk relate to the content of the website you are currently viewing. Well, this site does not portend any great revelations to human knowledge. Hopefully the writing will be of some interest in provoking thoughts. Hopefully the informational articles will be instructive in how to do things and think about things that are useful. Another than that, this site does not offer much else.

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