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Halloween on a School Night

Halloween Jack-o-lantern. Why does Halloween have to fall on a school night? Having Halloween on a school night ruins everything. Trick-or-treating has to end earlier. Mom wonít let me eat as much candy. I have to go to bed, instead of staying up watching scary movies. All in all Halloween on a school night is a bummer.

On the flip side, however, if I eat a whole bunch of candy while I am out trick-or-treating then mom canít stop me from eating it. I will get a tummy ache. I will have to stay home from school. So maybe I have figured out how to handle Halloween on a school night.

There is a plus side to Halloween on a school day- that is getting to wear your costume to school. So I will stop complaining for now and just enjoy having the coolest costume in the 4th grade Ė a Chewbacca outfit! Dang it feels good to be a Wookie!

by Cameron Hatch
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