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Ray Nagan’s Chocolate City a Good Idea

      If Ray Nagan succeeds in his stated goal of rebuilding New Orleans as a “Chocolate City” I will be the first one there. I love chocolate. Nothing is sweeter than chocolate. Especially the creamy, smooth taste of the milk chocolate that I heard the mayor talking about on the TV for Martin Luther King Jr Day. (Opinion continues below image)

New Orleans as a Chocolate City.

The Old New Orleans was decadent in many ways. A person could indulge in many of the guilty pleasures of the flesh, from women, to riotous living to strong drink. If the mayor is able to get his plan through he will succeed in making New Orleans the most decadent city on the planet. What could be more decadent than an entire city made of pure milk chocolate?

Mr. Nagan (or Ray-Ray as I sometimes like to call the good mayor) has not directly mentioned taking on Las Vegas, but Vegas better take notice. An entirely chocolate New Orleans would trump your splendor. Also, Atlantic City better take notice, (yeah you too Mr. Trump). Chocolate New Orleans would also trump whatever you, Mr. Trump, have to offer, as well, Trumpy!

Other cities aside, think of all the jobs that this plan brings to New Orleans. In the short term there will be an explosion of the heretofore-fledgling chocolate industry in Louisiana. Workers will be employed in building the factories and other infrastructure in order to produce, distribute and build with such large quantities of chocolate. In the long-term there will be a huge need for maintenance workers to repair the chocolate that suffers from melting, engineers to shore-up these ephemeral structures, guards to prevent tourists and looters from taking home a sweet souvenir. Etc, etc, etc.

All in all this is the most creative and bold proposal for the rebuilding of New Orleans. And it has my blessing.

by Cameron Hatch
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